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The RAZE energy drink RIP-OFF!

The RAZE energy drink RIP-OFF!

  • mdo 
  •   RIP-OFF!
  •   April 13, 2023

Raze - Don't Buy From These Mother Fuckers!

It was supposed to be the perfect energy drink; claiming to provide boundless energy and deliver astonishing results. Promises of this energy drink were everywhere—social media, billboards, and television ads were all geared towards persuading consumers to purchase their product. I was easily enticed and found myself taking the bait. I finally bought their product, expecting the outcome to produce just as I was promised. Little did I know, I had been ripped the fuck off!

Once I opened the drink, to my surprise, there was less product than expected. Whereas I expected the can to have 16 ounces of super-powered energy, I found myself with 10 fucking ounces of empty promises. I quickly realized that the claims made by the energy drink were simply tricks in an attempt to draw in eager customers. They seemed to be uninterested in ensuring the customer had purchased an honest and fair product.

It was then that I felt the truth of the saying, "Buyer Beware". Buyers today take it as a given that they will receive everything they expect when purchasing a product. The facts that are presented to us on the packaging are not always true. Companies are willing to put anything to draw in customers—misleading packaging and false descriptions. The energy drink that I had purchased filled only four-fifths of the can. That is a large margin, and one that I would have noticed had I taken a closer look at the can prior to buying. It had filled only the bottom part of the can, the top portion missing the supposed 16 ounces of energy drink.

It was a lesson to be much more mindful in the future when purchasing products, not to be taken in by clever advertisements and bright packaging. It taught me to think about the packaging and to look for descriptions as to the quantity that is in the item. Yet ultimately I was still vulnerable to being deceived. Energy drink companies have no moral obligations, and no rules requiring truthful descriptions of their product. Society is often taken advantage of without warning. It is easy to be misled by cheery phrases and seductive advertising, but it is important to realize the buyer cannot be certain about what is on the shelf.

Please watch and learn:

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