Predatory payday loans, and the fuck-tard Missouri Representative.

Here is something I saw that just floored me. They are finally trying to do something against the predatory loan people, you know those payday loan fuckers. I have never been to one myself, but I have heard the horror stories and I know for a fact there are more of these kinda shops around then any other kind, personally I am sick and fucking tired of these fucking predatory payday loan shops on every fucking corner. Then the stories of how they milk innocent people of any chance they have of going forward in life… How $50 can turn into $5000 or more with there outrageous interest rates, something into 1000%.

Ok so I was watching this story, and the reporter brings on a Missouri Representative Paul fuck-tard Curtman that either works for these predatory fucks or he just our fuck-tard of the week. So this reporter even states that a person took out 5 - $500 loans and it cost him $50,000. This does not even make ol’ Paul fuck-tard Curtman blink he just spews his shit all over the reporters mic “saying how this is 1500 pages of bureaucratic rules taking away from the people and there economic freedom.” What fucking planet is Paul fuck-tard Curtman on cause he sure is hell not on earth. So he is one of those LESS GOVERNMENT fucks, as he states “Let the markets work”.. Hey Paul fuck-tard Curtman, they already let the markets work and what happened you got more predatory loan shops then Mcdonald’s shops. So yes once again it’s the few that try to take advantage of the rest.

It would be great to have less government involved, but I do not see how that can happen as long as we have these fuckers that take advantage at every step.. It would be great to have less environmental rules, yeah they cost money for the many and if it wasn’t for the few that want to spew there garbage into our lakes, streams and air.. I see less, but those fuckwads don’t think they just destroy it for the rest.

So I would like to see Paul fuck-tard Curtman take out some loans from these predatory fucks for his next campaign, lets see what he thinks of them then.

Please spend 3 mins and watch the above video (Sorry for the damn ad that comes up first). If you are from Missouri and in his district, think about what he says, and how he does not give a rats shit about any of the people he represents, what a fucking maroon. And if you can’t wait to vote him out much like I would do if I was in his district. I will leave you his information so that you can feel free to ask him why he is such a fuck-tard.. Oh, please tell him hi for me..

Rep. Paul fuck-tard Curtman (r) Frainklin County

Capitol Address: MO House of Representatives 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 306-B Jefferson City MO 65101

Legislative Assistant: Ryan Clearwater Phone: 573-751-3776 E-Mail:

Friday, June 3, 2016 by blog_daemon
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