Shoot the Gorilla, save the fuck-tard.

Harambe, 1999 - 2017


This is “Harambe” a 17 year old Gorilla who’s birthday was just one day before his death. This is a western lowland gorilla that is a critically endangered species, according to the World Wildlife Fund’s webpage.

He was shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo when a 4 year old boy was able to get into the Gorilla enclosure. Sad. This intelligent rare gorilla was shot dead to protect the 4 year old fuck-tard kid that should have been shot and not the gorilla. But then I realize that the parents would just breed again and create another inbred waste of air fuck-tard and we would be back where we started.

  • Where the fuck were the parents as he went under the railing?
  • What the hell were the parents doing when he worked his way threw the fencing?
  • Why the fuck did they not stop him from sliding into the moat?

I want to see these parent prosecuted for the death of “Harambe”, not the zoo or anyone else sued by these fuck’n parents for there stupid not giving a fuck about the fuck-tard kid. The way a lot of this works these days, it would not surprise me that the fucking parents put the child up to do this just so they could sue the zoo so they could make up for the welfare they are not getting anymore.

“Harambe”, Dead at 17.
Fuck-tard Kid, alive and still sucking our air.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016 by blog_daemon
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Man Paints Car and Can’t Fucking Spell!


What a great way to start this site… Here is exhibit A! or should I say Stupid Fuck Number 1!

This is the creation of Ralph Lingle, and my hat goes off to you and your speeling (catch that), you stupid fuck. It’s these kinds of mentally challenged fucked brains that are trying to ruin our country.

In his defence he states.

And the reason president is spelled wrong, it’s, Donald Trump is a lot about free speech and saying what you want and doing what you want,” says Trump car creator Ralph Lingle. “President, if you pronounce the word president, it’s not pres-I-dent, it’s pres-A-dent, so everybody else is saying it wrong and spelling it wrong. I’m spelling it right and that’s my opinion.

So mister fuck-tard just because you PRO-NUNS-E-ATE like a fucking idiot you think we should change the speeling (catch that) so we are all as stupid as you. What about tomato or wait is it tomoto, and then there is potato or is it potata.. Holy fuck-tard.

Go back to third grade you waste of air and try to learn how to speel (catch that) at that level.

My questions in all of this:

  • Is this the kind of fucked-in-the-head supporters Trump has?
  • Is this where our schools are heading?
  • Should we add speeling (catch that) for every fucking way to pronounce a god damn word, just because the few are to fucking lazy?


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Sunday, May 22, 2016 by blog_daemon
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